Workshop: Because Living. Creative Writing




Vier Zeitstunden (Kompaktkurs), zwischen März und Dezember, nach Vereinbarung, ggf. auch samstags


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Oberstufen-Schülerinnen und -Schüler weiterführender Schulen in Rheinland-Pfalz

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150,00 Euro


Christine Herzer is a poet, visual artist and teacher. She received her MFA from Bennington College [Vermont, USA]. She is the author of 'i cheated on Chanel N°5' [Dancing Girl Press, 2013], and 'i wanted to be a pirate [h_ngm-n eBooks, 2009]. Her writing appears in numerous literary journals, art reviews and online publications such as Fence, American Letters & Commentary, The Volta and Drunken Boat. Most recently, Christine served as Scholar-in-Residence at Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Pune, India, where she taught Creative Writing. She is currently preparing an exhibition in Paris.

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This course is designed to plunge students head-first into the world of writing, reading, thinking, contemporary poetry and creation. We will think through writing about self, body, language, values [What do you care about?], love, boundaries, and the larger concerns of the world we live in. The program includes writing prompts, collaborative work, silence, debate, play and sharing. I will be 'writing' [setting up] the classroom before the workshop starts using my own art-objects, images, and a Post-it installation of 100 yellow language notes. A selection of books and articles will be available for browsing. Students are encouraged to write/create/speak from whatever place their thinking is currently engaged.

A word to prospective students:

For the purposes of this course you are a writer first. You will write a lot, and read a lot. You will interact with space, language and each other. You will experiment with/invent forms to contain your writings. You will share your own work and listen to works read/presented by your peers. We will discuss reading habits and how your experience with social media has impacted your relationship with time, learning and boredom. I hope you will be surprised. I hope you'll investigate your practices, interests, goals, that you will feel inspired, valued, met. Please bring one object to class. Bring your eyes. Bring your favorite book [a book you hold dear].

If you are interested in this workshop, please send us your application (see attachment). Due to great demand, we are unable to accept every application and will make a selection based on regional distribution. Teachers who submitted an application in the previous year but whose applications were rejected will be given preference.

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