Supporting the Work of the Atlantic Academy

The work of the Atlantic Academy is characterized by an extensive program of events and publications that cover diverse areas of transatlantic relations. The organization and the implementation of these events and publications is very cost-intensive, which is why we are always looking for friends and supporters of our cause to help us continue our work.

Whether you are already a member or not, you can support the Atlantic Academy in many ways via donations, by becoming a member or via project-related donations. Please send us an e-mail at info(at) or call us at +49 631/366 10-0.

The Academy is recognized by the Finanzamt Kaiserslautern (IRS Kaiserslautern) as a tax-favored non-profit as stated in §§ 51 ff. AO (certificate of 20 September 2018). Therefore, we can issue a receipt for your donation.