Transatlantic Workshop: Germany and the United States. How can key policy challenges be met together?

Project No.:



Friday, December 6 – Sunday, December 8, 2019


PfalzAkademie Lambrecht, Franz-Hartmann-Straße 9,
67466 Lambrecht (Pfalz)


U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt/Main

Target group:

30 German and 10 American university students of political science, international relations, history and other related fields


No fee.
Participants will be selected on the basis of a motivational letter since all costs (except for travel expenses) will be covered by the organizers. 

The motivational letter must not exceed 500 words and should cover the following two questions: How would you benefit from the seminar? What would you bring to the seminar? Please use our application form to transmit your letter.

You will receive a confirmation before November 29th.


In order to apply, please fill out our application form until November 29, 2019.

Please note, applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis and thus you will hear from us bevor November 29 on the status of your application. We therefore highly recommend to apply in a timely manner. 


“We need a new, balanced partnership with the U.S.”
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, 2019

“Our mission is to reassert our sovereignty, reform the liberal international order, and we want our friends to help us and to exert their sovereignty as well.“
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,  2018

The transatlantic partnership between Germany and the United States is undergoing a transformation and actors on both sides recognize the need for a new form of partnership in a variety of policy fields. In light of current political developments, our workshop aims to bring together young people from both sides of the Atlantic to openly and critically discuss the way forward within the German-U.S. relationship. When we consider powers like China or Russia, when we ponder the future of NATO and when we take a closer look at the challenges of non-proliferation, where can we find common ground? Where do policy interests and norms intersect and offer grounds for a joint policy initiative? What are the biggest obstacles in the way for such joint initiatives?

Our workshop offers 30 German and 10 American university students of political science, international relations, history and other related fields the opportunity for reflecting on key political and economic challenges Germany and the United States are facing, assuming the roles of policy advisors. Keynote lectures by German and American experts in plenary sessions will provide the basis for the work of mixed German-American teams in simultaneous workshop sessions.

We are looking forward to diving into the debate with you!

Cover picture: © zentilia, Shutterstock

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