More about Lea-Sophie Bach

Lea-Sophie Bach will be an intern at the atlantic academy for the next six weeks. She is currently in the last semester of her Bachelor's degree in Integrative Social Sciences at the RPTU in Kaiserslautern.
During her studies, she was able to get to know many different departments. She was most interested in political science, which is why she chose it as her main focus for the rest of her Bachelor's degree.
Not only the content of her studies, but also the increased time she spent in Kaiserslautern made her more aware of the presence of the USA in Germany. In particular, she mentions the closeness to the US Air Base in Ramstein, as well as the presence of the US Police in Kaiserslautern's city center. This further strengthened her interest in the relationship between Germany and the U.S., as well as in American culture. She became aware of the Atlantic Academy through a lecture at her university where she immediately registered for this year's Summer School.