Online Teachers Seminar: Back to Business? The Biden Presidency and the Economy




Thursday, December 9, 2021 (technical requirements)


Online via Click Meeting 


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Almost a year into the Biden presidency, this teacher training seminar will take a look at the recovery period of the US regarding policy fields such as the economy, energy, and trade. After the pandemic wrecked havoc on the economy in the United States, businesses are open again and the vaccination drive was the envy of many Europeans. Yet the question remains if the current economic improvements are enough for a workforce battered by unemployment during the Corona crisis. And how can one judge the relief and infrastructure projects of the Biden administration? Despite these domestic developments, the seminar will also take a look at energy policy and its economic role in the US system. What can be said about the current energy mix and infrastructure of the United States? Could a green revolution power a faster recovery? And how do issues such as Nord Stream 2 factor into these developments? On a global scale, we will discuss trade policy under Biden and attempt to assess how global and multilateral the new administration truly acts. Will Biden continue some of his predecessor's policies or are we looking at a revitalized trade relationship? We're excited to discuss these questions and more with you and our experts.



09.00 am
Welcome remarks

09.15 am
Domestic Politics & the Economy
PD Dr. Martin Thunert, Heidelberg Center for American Studies

10.30 am   

11.00 am
U.S. Trade Policy under the Biden Administration
Julia Howald, BDI

12.15 pm
Lunch break

01.30 pm
Climate Policy under the Biden Administration 
Dr. Charlotte Unger & Clara Mewes, IASS Potsdam

02.30 pm

02.45 pm
Panel Discussion: Biden, Energy & Climate 
Anna Schönbach, Pädagogisches Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz 

03.30 pm
Final Discussion & Questions

04.00 pm
End of seminar